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HSSK (Hokka Sen Shin Kai) Kendo Dojo is a 501(c)3 non-profit public charity organization dedicated to promoting the art of Japanese Fencing, Kendo. We are members of Northern California Kendo Federation, All United States Kendo Federation, and the International Kendo Federation. We offer classes at the three locations in Pleasanton, Milpitas, and Newark, CA.

Kendo is one of the best ways to develop mental strength, discipline, and focus; and to ignite continuous self improvement. It is also one of the rare martial arts in which age and gender are of little consequence.

"Hokka" means NorCal. "Sen Shin" means cleaning, refining, and purifying one's mind and soul. "Kai" means a group or club. I will do my best to provide good practice so you can truly refresh your body and soul.

Hiroshi Ichimura
Head Instructor 

What is Kendo?

Kendo is a Japanese martial art descended from the sword practices of the Samurai. Several hundred years ago, practitioners developed a training sword (Shinai) and protective equipment (Kendo-gu) that allowed for full-speed practice of sword techniques without risk of injuring one’s training partner. Modern Kendo continues this tradition as well as incorporate a competitive sport aspect.

What can I expect?

Beginners spend the first several weeks being instructed in the proper stance, footwork, and basic strikes using a bamboo sword (Shinai). Over the next few months, they advance through the next stages, which include striking with Shinai, wearing the uniform, and finally donning the protective equipment. At each stage, students will be evaluated to determine if they are ready for advancement. 

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