Hiroshi Ichimura ("Sensei", Head Instructor)

Kendo 7 Dan (7th Degree Blackbelt)
2017 US Senior Champion

2017 - Won ALL US Championship (Senior Division, Both Individual and Team)
2015-Current - Vice President of Education, Northern California Kendo Federation
2011-2014 - Vice President of Competition, Northern California Kendo Federation
*Over 15 years of experience teaching Kendo in Northern California
*From Nagoya, Japan

Ryo Ichimura ("Sensei", Instructor)

Kendo 4 Dan (4th Degree Blackbelt)

2017 - NCKF Mens Team member (AUSKF National Championships)
2014 - NCKF Senior Youth Boys Team Member (AUSKF National Championships)

Jason Yang (Assistant Instructor)

Kendo 3 Dan (3rd Degree Blackbelt)

Started Kendo from 1999 in Pasadena, California; I paused my training for some years due to family duty, then I came back to Kendo because I truly enjoy it.

To me, Kendo is like a mirror which reflects my mindset and weakness regardless the skill level of the person I practice with. People who practice Kendo differ in talent and strength, but everyone's ultimate opponent is the same - oneself.

Mary Vinas (Assistant Instructor)

Kendo 3 Dan (3rd Degree Blackbelt)

Julie Zhu (Assistant Instructor)

Kendo 3 Dan (3rd Degree Blackbelt)

Julie started Kendo in Boston, Massachusetts when she was a college freshman. She used to be an active player at inter-college competitions and has won 6 medallions in both individual and team during her college years. She believes that one's personality can be reflected in his/her Kendo style, while practicing Kendo can also polish and refine one's personality. She enjoys Kendo a lot and hopes more people can come and join Kendo family.  

Paul Chang (Assistant Instructor)

Kendo 2 Dan (2nd Degree Blackbelt)