Hiroshi Ichimura ("Shihan", Head Instructor)

Kendo 7 Dan (7th Degree Blackbelt)
Founder, Hokka Sen Shin Kai Kendo Dojo
Northern California Kendo Federation board member

2023 - Second place finisher, ALL US Championship (Senior Team Division) 

2015-2023 - Vice President of Education, Northern California Kendo Federation 

2017 - Won ALL US Championship (Senior Division, Both Individual and Team)
2011-2014 - Vice President of Competition, Northern California Kendo Federation
*Over 20 years of experience teaching Kendo in Northern California
*From Nagoya, Japan

Ryo Ichimura ("Sensei", Instructor)

Kendo 4 Dan (4th Degree Blackbelt)
Northern California Kendo Federation board member

2017 - NCKF Mens Team member (AUSKF National Championships)
2014 - NCKF Senior Youth Boys Team Member (AUSKF National Championships)

Takehiko Nakamura ("Sensei", Instructor)

Kendo 4 Dan (4th Degree Blackbelt)

Nakamura sensei is from Kanagawa, Japan and started Kendo at the age of 12. He practices not only Kendo, but other martial arts such as Karate, Judo and Iaido. He believes that Kendo has taught him the core values of traditional martial arts and became a big part of his identity. He had been a core member of Minami-Rinkan Junior High school and Oiso High school in Kanagawa and participated in many tournaments throughout the school years before he came to the U.S.

Nakamura sensei said, "Kendo is something that we can continue enjoying no matter how old you are or even if you took several breaks. We can always start and restart Kendo. The best thing that has happened to me through practicing kendo is definitely meeting with lots of people who became my lifetime friends. This is one of the best gifts that Kendo gave me."

Nathan Zhou ("Sensei", Instructor)

Kendo 4 Dan (4th Degree Blackbelt)

Wenyuan “Nathan” Zhou sensei started practicing kendo with Peking University Kendo Dojo and continued his kendo journey at University of Pittsburgh and Massachusetts Institute of Technology before joining HSSK.

Zhou sensei believes that practicing kendo disciplines the human character and improves both mental and physical strength.

Julie Zhu (Assistant Instructor)

Kendo 3 Dan (3rd Degree Blackbelt)
Northern California Kendo Federation board member

Julie started Kendo in Boston, Massachusetts when she was a college freshman. She used to be an active player at inter-college competitions and has won 6 medallions in both individual and team during her college years. She believes that one's personality can be reflected in his/her Kendo style, while practicing Kendo can also polish and refine one's personality. She enjoys Kendo a lot and hopes more people can come and join Kendo family.  

Jason Yang (Assistant Instructor)

Kendo 3 Dan (3rd Degree Blackbelt)

Started Kendo from 1999 in Pasadena, California; I paused my training for some years due to family duty, then I came back to Kendo because I truly enjoy it.

To me, Kendo is like a mirror which reflects my mindset and weakness regardless the skill level of the person I practice with. People who practice Kendo differ in talent and strength, but everyone's ultimate opponent is the same - oneself.